You dream life is waiting for you in Paris!

You have dreams. You want to feel a sense of purpose and live freely and joyfully. You are adventurous and want to broaden your perspective by living abroad. You have a dream to relocate in Paris, for a short stay or a life time.

But somehow the perpective of all the hassle related to learning a new language, adjusting to a new culture, relocating your home, finding a new job or creating your activity in a foreign country feels overwhelming. I get you. I’ve been there. I am here to help you. We work together to refine your project. I help you acquire good communication skills in French, I support you to relocate in Paris, and we create together your new professional reality through coaching and operational services.

Expats? Expat’s partner? Living in a foreign country can be daunting. The laws are different. The cultures are different, and adjusting to a new environment might take longer than you had imagined.

Fear not. You don’t have to look far to find a comforting and trusted support in Paris. I have been into your shoes, I understand your situation and I am here to help. I can serve your professional, business, cultural and social needs. I will help you fit into France’s culture at your own time and pace. Read on for more information, or better yet, contact me and let’s meet in person to see how I can cater to your needs.

Enjoy A Good life in Paris!


« I have a wealth of experiences living and working in the world. I lived in the USA, Japan, Brazil and Italy. I am passionate about pedagogy and inter-cultural exchange. I learned five foreign languages, and I taught French as a foreign language. I hold a Master degree in International Business and a Master degree in Translation. I worked in the corporate world at global levels as a sales executive and a marketing director. I have been a business associate in the art world, and a management & communication consultant for various industries. Most recently, I spent two years in the South Piemonte in Italy working closely with Stefano Bellotti, one of the pioneers of natural wines, praised internationally for the quality of his wines and his profound understanding of biodynamic farming. I learned a lot with him. Together we implemented a new vision, built a strong team and strengthen trust with wine distributors in 22 countries. During my career, I mentored many people and really loved it. In parallel of my consulting activities, I have also successfully run my own guest house in Paris for the last six years. What I like the most in life is to help people grow and reveal their best self to the world, and introduce them to the richness of other cultures. So I created ‘A Good Life in Paris’. We empower expatriate women and women who wish to cross borders and cultures with a life project related to France, to thrive in Paris. We provide French immersion programs, support services for relocation, and professional coaching. I will use all my competencies to help you create your dream life in my city! » Lydie Francart, Paris, Septembre 1st, 2018

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Linguistic and Cultural Immersion in Paris

You want to start learning or perfect your French, and become more familiar with local culture and custom during a short stay in Paris? You possibly also want to discuss and clarify your longer-term project related to France? We have the perfect solution for you!


Personalized linguistic weekly stay, including:


  • homestay with me in a confortable, typically Parisian apartment, in a great neighbourhood called « Gambetta » in the 20th arrondissement (municipal district) of Paris. Located on the right bank of the River Seine, it is famous for being authentic, cosmopolitan, family oriented, artistic, and with a « village like » spirit: surprisingly quiet streets, small charming parks, local cafés, delicious and reasonably-priced restaurants, excellent food shops, organic grocery stores, small churches, dynamic bookstores with author events, public libraries with a wealth of great reading, theatres, open air markets, etc. A true Parisian experience, far away from the touristic crowds! It is also well served by public transportation. Only 3 min walk to the Gambetta metro station on line 3, which takes you directly in about 20 minutes to the « Opéra » station, with the famous « Opera Garnier » and the nearby « Boulevard Haussmann » with its fancy Department Stores (Printemps, Galerie Lafayette). Easy metro connection to all touristic landmarks. Lots of bus lines as well (one direct to Le Louvre and Champs de Mars / Eiffel Tower) and a taxi station at 3 minutes walk.
  • 7 nights in a private, calm and luminous bedroom, with Queen bed (or 2 individual beds for friends) – bathroom and kitchen shared with me


  • delicious and fresh breakfast served every morning ; it is very fulfilling and some of my guests do not even eat until dinner ;)
  • 2 homemade dinners (I mostly use organic, fresh ingredients; we can shop, then cook together if you wish)
  • other meals: you can cook your own meals in the kitchen, it is all equipped and modern; I will show you the supermarkets, organic food stores and other stores I like in the neighbourhood. Do not feel like cooking much? I will provide you with a list of my favourite restaurants and bistros in the neighbourhood where you will enjoy delicious food at very reasonable prices. For lunch, there is a fantastic organic restaurants at 10 minutes walk and they serve the most delicious lunch for about 15 euros! If you have an extra budget for restaurants led by great Chefs in Paris, I have a few suggestions, and I can book tables for you.


  • 12 hours of private French lessons catered to your need (on a basis of 2 hours every morning for 6 days ; possibility to increase the number of hours)
  • 3 private tours of Paris in the afternoon, according to your interests (3 to 4 hours duration) ; during those tours, I will also teach you French so you can also make progresses while enjoying the city
  • Open air market experience: a must-do in Paris! Shopping outdoors is an ingrained and very popular habit with Parisians. They come to buy fresh produce, discuss with their favorite sellers for fine cooking inspiration, and meet with their friends for coffee or a glass of wine. You will discover with me authentic markets surrounded by delicious bakeries, pastries stores, wine stores, cheesemongers, etc. If time permits, we can then enjoy our great food in a park or near the Seine river for a picnic :)
  • Discovery of the neighbourhood and day to day ‘Parisienne’ life style (if you’d enjoy it, we will shop together, have a coffee break in a local café, visit the fantastic public library with small art exhibitions, visit small art galleries, go to see a movie or a theater play, etc.)


I help you buy the proper public transportation option, book shows, restaurants, train tickets, « coupe-fil » (skip the line) ticket for museums and exhibition, etc.


  • OPTION 1: outside of Paris daily excursion in private car – for ex. visit of the Chablis wine country in Burgundy; visit of Epernay and the Champagne wine country, visit of the historical city of Fontainebleau with its amazing castle and huge park, etc. 
  • OPTION 2: yoga classes in a nearby, absolutely fantastic school, where I regularly practice yoga and meditation
  • OPTION 3: face-to-face discussions and initial coaching around your project related to Paris ; possibility to continue working together on your project at distance (through video conferences, phone cals, emails, etc.)


  • 1 week, 2 weeks or 3 weeks stay
  • we discuss in advance to prepare a customized linguistic and cultural immersion stay for you


  • 1,390.00 euros a week for one person, 1,090.00 euros per person for two people (additional cost for additional French lessons and optional services)
  • Decreasing price according to number of weeks booked


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Facilitating your relocation in Paris

A transfer implies high costs (such as travel, hotel, and temporary residencies) and require considerable administrative work that need to be supported. Also, dealing with administrative procedures can be a daunting task for those not acquainted with this complexity.  But you are not alone. We assist and guide you throughout the various procedures.


We discuss your issues one by one and solve them together.  We exchange together with private companies or government administrations – real estate, bank and finance, mobile phone and internet providers, transportation, social security, healthcare, etc. 


According to your situation, we work face-to-face, or through video conferences, phone calls, emails, etc.  Sometimes face-to-face meeting are always more efficient, as we can go through specific documents together and make phone calls or visits together if needed. Also I will provide you a list of resources that may help you further. In addition, I will be available to you anytime through email. I can also come with you to some important appointments, so as to help with the translation and explain clearly your specific situation.


  • As every situation is very specific, it is difficult to assess a specific number of hours needed to solve every issue. So we do not have bundled packages, but subscription to the service, with various options according to the number of hours purchased
  • Upfront payment; decreasing pricing according to the number of hours purchased
  • We measure the time spent on every situation and I sent you every week a recap of our work, and the number of hours remaining on your subscription. Any hour not used on relocation assistance can be used in private French teaching.

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Creating your new personal and professional reality in Paris

Once in the city, you can immerse yourself into the French culture and advance your project with me.


Personalized support, including:

  1. Private French lessons, oral communication oriented and catered to your own needs and professional field
  2. Life & professional coaching to refine your project, work towards your objectives, and build your future step by step
  3. Operational support to make your professional dreams come true, for example:
    • you are a student and want success at university: we help you with administrative formalities, with writing your dissertations or thesis in excellent French; we prepare your oral presentation together, etc.
    • you are a professional in search for your best job in Paris: I teach you how to research your field and identify the best companies/job offers for you; we write together a strong resume and cover letter; I coach you for the interviews, etc.
    • you are a professional with a position in Paris, and would like to enhance your experience: we help you get further insights in French corporate culture and reach some professional objectives during your stay in France
    • you are an entrepreneur and want to set up your own activity in France: I support you with the definition of your best offer, with your business plan, and with marketing and communication (we refine your message, define your niche market and unique value proposition, identify and target the right audience for you, build up some good communication tools like a multilingual website, flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc.). I can also help with the hiring process, the administrative formalities, the management, etc.
    • you are an artist or freelancer and want to find your audience in France: we help you send a powerful message to the world, in support of your success.


  • Private French lessons: according to your situation, we work face-to-face, or through video conferences. We will begin and end with robust assessment, this way we can identify specific needs and measure your progress. Each week, for 3 to 12 months, we’ll have two to three lessons, either face-to-face (2-hours long) or video calls (1 hour long). On those face-to-face/video call lessons we’ll set together your action steps for implementation. These assignments are due before the next lesson. After we determine your specific objectives, I will provide you a list of resources that may help you further. 
  • Life & Professional coaching: according to your situation, we work face-to-face, or through regular video conferences, phone calls, emails, etc.  We will begin and end with robust assessment, this way we can identify specific needs and measure your progress. Each month, for 3 to 6 months, we’ll have weekly face-to-face meeting or video calls together. On those meeting/calls you’ll set your own action steps for implementation. These assignments are due before the next meeting/call. After we determine your specific objectives, I will provide you a list of resources that may help you further. In addition, I will be available to you anytime through email.
  • Operational support: same methodology as with the professional coaching, but with deliverables on my side that we refine & perfect together.


  • For every type of services, we offer a 30 minutes complimentary discovery session, during which we will get to know each other, we will discuss your specific situation, you will discover more in details the transformations I can offer, and we will be able to decide whether I am the right person to help you or if I should refer you to another person or service.
  • Once we decided to work together, I will describe more in details the specific packages, based on the type of support and on results.
  • Minimum 3-month commitment, as we believe it is the minimum amount of time necessary to deliver real change into your life.
  • Upfront payment or monthly payment options. To find out more, consult us


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Some client testimonials and reviews

Coaching and Operational support services testimonials

“(…) Lydie gave me sound pieces of advice, and provided a professional, efficient and seamless service. (…) ” Reiko N., photographer, Paris, France

Lydie took care of proofreading and correcting my thesis (…) I did very well with my doctoral studies in Paris, which is not easy for a Brazilian researcher, not acquainted with the French academic culture. So I also owe to Lydie my doctorate at the University Paris V – Sorbonne and the “Very honorable with honors” evaluation.”  Ione Valle Ribeiro, Professor of Sociology of Education, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

“As part of the presentation of my research, Lydie helped me prepare my presentation to a group at a French University. (…) I think the result would not have been as compelling without her intervention.”  Chisato S., research student, Economics and Human Resources Management, University of Gakushuin, Tokyo, Japan

“ Lydie is a professional who knows how to work quickly and meet tight deadlines. I think you’ll enjoy working with her on all your content in French.”  Takashi Seo, PhD, University of Paris-Sorbonne, France

« Lydie reviewed my University Master Thesis in Arts. (…) She helped me until the very last day (…)  The fact that Lydie was there to help me was a great support to finish my thesis. Thank you very much Lydie!  »  Reiko, student of Master of Arts, University of Paris 8, France

These are extracts of the complete comments: read more here!

Discovering Paris testimonials

« Wow. Lydie. Was. Awesome. Can’t say enough how happy we were with this outdoor market experience. (…) It was the highlight of our trip. Lydie was like an old friend that we hadn’t seen in awhile. And that was just after the first 5 minutes. She showed so much patience with the kids and made it fun for all of us. I will never forget the picnic in a hidden urban park with my normally quiet and preoccupied teenagers ignoring their phones to taste and discuss the differences between Trappe Echourgnac and Vieux Comté 24 mois d’affinage cheeses. This was what I hoped to find on our family trip to Paris and thanks to Lydie we did.” Blake – August 2015

“When we were sorting through our pictures from the trip, we both agreed that the market tour with Lydie was the best part of our whole trip! We really had a great time. (…) It was something we will remember for a long time. (…) We are so grateful to Lydie for making it special. (…) Lydie is not only offering a food tour, she is offering memories and that’s very special. (…)” Danielle Johnson, UK – April 2014

“Lydie was beyond exceptional! She is the ultimate host for Paris. She’s incredibly kind and generous, very knowledgeable of this amazing city, and really takes pride in researching the very best experience for her clients. My trip would not have been the same without Lydie’s expert guidance and assistance!! (…)” Doug, USA – August 2015

“We had a fabulous time with Lydie. She was very passionate about the local markets and stores and did a great job filling us in on the history of the areas and on the producers. She spoke great English and had great tips on where to find the ‘best’ crossant in Paris! (…)” Cath, USA – September 2015

« We had the best time with Lydie! She was a delightful host – so friendly and knowledgeable. (…) The food was delicious! Best croissant and produce (Cherries! Strawberries! Peaches! Melon!) we had in Paris!! » Emily – June 2015

“Lydie is great! She is very friendly and having good knowledge to the area as well as the market’s products she showed us. I enjoyed her tour!” Yan Mei, China – June 2015

“Oh we LOVE Lydie! (…) Loved the fresh produce and the wonderful tour. We had a lovely wine & cheese lunch afterwards. Lydie was very helpful & informative.” Jill – June 2015

“This is the greatest Paris experience! Lydie is a wonderful host and magic companion. A lot of delicious food, coffee and wine. I recommend this experience to everyone. It’s just awesome!” Оля, Russia – December 2014

“We had a fantastic experience with Lydie! Lydie is an extremely gracious and we felt more like we were visiting a friend by the time we were done with the tour. (…)  The other nice part of this experience is it’s outside the normal tourist areas that you might venture on your own. (…) It was truly memorable and Lydie was a perfect host!” Joshua – November 2014

“Lydie is a super host. Expect nothing less. Food was the highlight, cheese from Cantal, pate from Auvergne, wine from Vallee du Rhone and merveilleux magnifique hospitalite.” Sudhir, India – November 2014

These are extracts of the complete comments: read more here!


« Lydie is an exceptional host and made us very welcome. This is our second stay with Lydie and once again she made us feel at home in her lovely appartement. Thank you :) »  Adrian, France – August 2018

« Lydie was an exceptional host and her home was a wonderful place to spend time. Her apartment is right next to a very easily accessible metro and the neighborhood is interesting and nice. (…) I stayed for almost a month and grew to love the space! » Alexander, Austin, Texas, USA – June 2018

« 친절한 호스트의 세심한 배려로 내집같이 편안하고 안전합니다. 호스트가 설명한 그대로의 집입니다. 장기투숙자에게 강추합니다, 20구이지만 전혀 위험하지 않습니다 » 유정, South Korea, May 2018

« Mon séjour chez Lydie a été formidable. Son appartement est confortable et cosy, et la chambre est grande et lumineuse avec de la place pour les rangements et tout ce dont vous pourrez avoir besoin ! Le quartier est top. J’ai eu plaisir à rencontrer Lydie et échanger avec elle. Je recommande vivement ! » Cécile, Lyon, France, December 2017

« Lydie is the epitome of a loving and caring host. We were so lucky to find her. The place is absolutely beautiful, secure neighbourhood, close to bus and metro, highly recommended. » Roshan, Bangalore, India, June 2017

« This is definitely the perfect experience for my journey in Paris. Having the nice conversation with Lydie was amazing. (…) She is the most sweetest person (…) »  Xin, Beijing, China, September 2016

« Lydie is a wonderful host (…) The room is lovely and authentic, and it was great to come home to a clean, comfortable space at the end of every day. The neighborhood is extremely safe, and everything is within reach. (…) Among the best aspects of this space is Lydie herself. She made me feel right at home. BONUS: Not only is she very familiar with Paris (…), but she is also an avid traveler herself. If you’re looking for someone to share your day/thoughts/reflections with, she’s a pleasure to talk to :) » Laura, New York, USA, July 2016

« Wir hatten 3 perfekte Tage bei Lydie, die eine wunderbare Gastgeberin ist. Die Vorab Infos waren so detailliert und gut verständlich, dass wir alles sofort gefunden haben. Dazu hat sie noch jede Menge gute Tipps für Paris und das Viertel Gambetta geschickt, so dass wir also bestens vorbereitet waren. (…) Wir können die Unterkunft sehr empfehlen und werden bestimmt wieder bei Lydie übernachten. » Regina, Gerlingen, Germany, May 2016

« (…) The entire apartment is really clean and very comfortable. I felt right at home the moment I walked in the door. The room is very spacious and offered all the amenities needed for a relaxing stay, the location of this apartment was everything. Its close proximity to the metro make it ideal. Lydie is a wonderful host and went above and beyond to make me feel right at home (…) » Mohamed, Cairo, Egypt, October 2015

« Lydie à été une hôte formidable qui vous fait sentir comme chez vous. Nous avons eu de longues conversations, en clair nous avons refait le monde ! Cela a été une belle rencontre. L’appartement correspond en tout point à la description et est encore mieux en vrai, très propre il est parfaitement fonctionnel. Mention spéciale pour le lit qui est génial ! Le quartier est sympa, vivant, et proche des transports en commun. A recommander les yeux fermés ! » Damien, Toulouse, France, September 2015

« Lydie was a great host and an amazing person to meet. My friend and I were warmly greeted when we arrived at her apartment in the late evening. No issues with the stay at all, the place was very clean and the neighborhood was peaceful at night. (…) Definitely a recommended from me! » Daniel, Singapore, September 2015

« Staying with Lydie was a remarkable and memorable experience. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and very at ease in her home. (…) Lydie is a totally genuine and thoughtful host. I recommend her 100%. The neighbourhood has great amenities and the people are helpful and friendly. » Oksana, Toronto, Canada, August 2015

« Lydie was one of the best host’s I’ve ever had. (…) Get to her place was super easy. She lives near the metro and the neighborhood felt very safe. (…) The apartment is super clean and newly renovated. The beds were super comfortable and the shower was awesome. (…) She is a very cool and warm human being and I couldn’t have had a better experience during my stay in Paris. (…) » Richard, New York, July 2015

« Lydie is an amazing host! She helped us since the beginning, she gave us very specific indications and recommended many places to go. She is such a sweet and interesting person and no doubt the best host I have ever found. » Daniela & Guido, Bogota, Columbia, June 2015

« We enjoyed our stay with Lydie very much. (…) We thought Gambetta was a charming suburb, with Metro connection to the city close by. Lydie was very helpful in introducing us to local features, transport, gardens and specialty shops, which helped to make our stay enjoyable and stress free. Our accommodation was very neat and clean, and we had access to kitchen facilities. We loved staying with Lydie. » Helen, Baranduda, Australia, May 2015

« Lydie was extremely welcoming from the get go (…) Her apartment is just as lovely as it looks in the pictures. The bedroom was bright and spacious with the comfiest beds and pillows. She really makes you feel at home. The area surrounding her apartment gives you a fantastic taste of Paris as it’s away from the super touristy area and Lydie was really helpful with recommendations of places in the neighbourhood. I’d highly recommend a stay with Lydie’s for anyone who wants to see a more authentic Paris :) » Ellie, Dublin, Ireland, May 2015

« Lydie is an excellent host, very friendly and nice. She is also very helpful, organised and diligent and works hard to make ones stay very pleasant. (…) I really enjoyed my stay and I would recommend anyone to stay with Lydie, because she is a lovely person and her flat has everything one could ask for. » Nathaniel, London, UK, April 2015

« This was my first homestay experience, and it definitely set the bar high! Lydie is a very kind and welcoming person, and her apartment was so lovely and clean. Everything was great! » Lucinda, Stoughton, UK, March 2015

« (…) Lydie’s home was very pretty and perfectly clean (all the equipment was new and clean) and at the same time Lydie has been a perfect host, very kind and very helpful! Lydie speaks excellent perfect Italian. (…)  I can’t recommend Lydie’s apartment highly enough and would be very happy to stay with her again next time I visit Paris. » Teresa, Rüschlikon, Switzerland, January 2015

« This was certainly one of the best homestay experiences I ever had. Not only that Lydie’s flat was in the perfect location for me, very pretty and immaculately clean! What happened is that I found a new friend. Lydie showed me around her neighbourhood, proofed to be a perfect hostess and guide to the city. She has innumerable tips on hand for her visitors hand has great taste. (…) Highly recommended for those who would like to have an authentic experience of Paris – off the beaten track. » Susanne, Graz, Austria, November 2014

« Lydie made us very welcome: on arrival, she showed us where everything was; she always said to make ourselves at home, she let us use the bathroom first and encouraged us to use the kitchen if we needed to. She never made us feel like we were intruding on her space. She was very friendly and gave us advice about public transport and where to eat. The room was very comfortable, the flat was warm and clean and located in a really nice area, very easy to get into town but not at all touristy. » Kate, UK, November 2014

« (…) Lydie is a wonderful host! I was super happy and very lucky to stay at her place, Lydie was very kind and very helpful. I felt very much at home! The location is very convenient with all kind of transport possibilities. » Safia, Berlin, Germany, October 2014

« (…) L’accueil de Lydie restera inoubliable, son appartement est un havre de paix, chaleureux et confortable en plein Paris, transports et commerces à proximité immédiate, dans quartier très agréable. (…) » Valerie, Aix-en-Provence, France, October 2014 

« Lydie’s home was a wonderful, cosy and warm place to stay at. A real parisian experience with a lovely host :-) (…) The time we spent at the apartment we were able to relax and escape the noise of the city. The neighbourhood is very calm and has everything you need. (…) The apartment itself was spotless! Cosy and warm bed, a generally beautiful room. So if your planning your next trip to Paris – definitely stay with Lydie! Xox » Misty Richardson, Zürich, Switzerland, September 2014

« (…) Lydie was a perfect host. She was very kind and nice. She always smiled and tried to help me in many ways. I strongly recommend you to stay her apartment. » Yunmi, Seoul, South Korea, September 2014

« Lydia was the perfect host (…) The flat and my room were both lovely, clean and comfortable. Lydia speaks excellent English and was so helpful (…). A lovely stay, can highly recommend. » Mary, Warrnambool, Australia, August 2014

« I have only wonderful things to say about Lydie’s apartment and Lydie herself, who welcomed me into her lovely home. The apartment is bright, spotless, well-loved and a truly peaceful haven in Paris. Lydie is a charming host, with a passion for other cultures and places that I truly appreciated and found a kindred spirit in :) I would love to stay again! » Zoe, New York, USA, August 2014

« (…) The apartment itself was perfect, (…) tastefully decorated, very comfortable, and immaculately clean and tidy. The bedroom was lovely and peaceful (…) The bathroom was fresh and modern, the kitchen well equipped and the lounge room very comfortable and homely. It is located in a lovely neighbourhood in the 20th arrondissement with all of the main attractions easily accessible. Lydie is a beautiful person who is very kind and caring. She has lived abroad, and is knowledgable in a whole range of topics. We enjoyed some interesting discussions and it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with her. (…) Although Lydie speaks perfect English she happily spoke with me in French so that I could get as much practice as possible. She was encouraging and gave me plenty of useful language tips. (…) I would be very happy to stay with her again next time I visit Paris. » Kristian, Sydney, Australia, August 2014

« My stay at Lydie’s place was really wonderful. Lydie is such a kind, thoughtful, welcoming and gracious person. (…)  Her place is in a very nice neighborhood conveniently reached by metro or buses. She has a beautiful apartment that is spotless and very serene. The bedroom is beautiful and very nicely set up and the bed is so comfortable that I had such a peaceful rest! Most of all, Lydie is such a wonderful and kind person. (…) We had some wonderful chats about our travels and experiences. (…) Lydie took care of all details no matter how small. (…)  Lydie is like a dear friend who is so thoughtful and caring. (…) Thank you Lydie for such a fantastic stay!!! » Ayame, New York, USA, August 2014

« Lydie was the perfect hostess! She is warm, friendly and incredibly welcoming. Her guest room where I stayed was lovely – very comfortable, clean and relaxing. (…)  I will definitely connect with Lydie again next time I’m in Paris. » Chelsey, Seattle, Washington, USA, August 2014

« Tout était oké! Lydie est très sympa et accueillant. Elle nous a accueilli très bien et l’appartement et le quartier sont sublimes. On va faire de la publicité. » Annelies, Gand, Belgium, July 2014

« (…) My stay at Lydie’s apartment was incredible! If I could give her 20+ stars, I would gladly do so! If you have the opportunity to stay with her, don’t hesitate. You will truly enjoy your stay! (…) Lydie’s apartment is charming, inviting, and felt like « home » (…) The location of Lydie’s apartment is an amazing neighborhood with lots of cute shops, markets, restaurants and bakeries. (…) I fell in love with Paris during my trip, and staying with Lydie helped make my experience better then I could have imagined! I am already planning my next trip to this amazing city and I will definitely stay only with Lydie!! » Jen, Chicago, Illinois, USA, July 2014

« (…) The stay at Lydie’s place was simply fantastic. I was able to cook in her kitchen and I must say that I love the bedroom that I was staying in. It is very clean and comfortable so much so that I look forward to sleep in my bed each night throughout my 5 night stay there. (…) Lydie is simply the best host anyone could ever hope for and the bed that she offers is truly a welcoming sanctuary. I strongly recommend everyone to share the comfort that her place offers. » Nor Hashimah, Singapour, June 2014

« Lydie was a great host. She welcomed us with a smile and even helped us with some French (…)  The neighborhood was nice, next to two grocery stores and great cafes. (…) Thank you for a great time Lydie!!! » Wally, Orlando, Florida, USA June 2014

« Grande ospitalità a casa di Lydie e disponibilità: parla benissimo l’italiano e l’appartamento è impeccabile per pulizia e fornitura di asciugamani, accappatoi, ciabattine e utensili da cucina: c’è di tutto e tutto nuovo. Il quartiere è tranquillo e comodissimo ai negozi sottocasa e alla metro a pochi minuti di distanza. abbiamo passato un soggiorno perfetto. grazie Lydie! » Ale, Venaria, Italia, June 2014

« Lydie est une hôte extrêmement accueillante et charmante. Son immeuble est bien situé, proche du père Lachaise, un quartier sympa et animé, et du métro. Son appartement est très agréable et décoré avec beaucoup de gout. La chambre qu’elle met à notre disposition est grande, parfaitement équipée, bonne literie, relaxante. En bref je recommande sans aucun doute, votre séjour se passera dans les meilleures conditions possibles. » Alain, Pierre-Bénite, France, May 2014

« (…) Lydie is such a thoughtful, graceful and caring person. This care is extended and manifested in the well appointed, clean and beautifully renovated apartment with modern fixtures. (…)  After a full day of roaming the city, the best part of the day was coming back « home » to unwind and if you’re lucky enough to catch Lydie, inquire about her experiences abroad and you will slowly uncover an incredibly gifted, brilliant and passionate spirit that loves to learn and explore. Lydie is an amazing host and making the experience truly wonderful from beginning to end. (…) Thank you so much Lydie for making my short stay so comfortable & pleasurable! » Chia, New York, USA, May 2014

« REALLY great help, instruction how-to-get-to-place and accommodation from Lydie – definitely we want back sometime again. Thank you much, Lydie! » Aleksey,
St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2013

« Lydie is a thoughtful and friendly lady and I’m blessed to have made a new friend. » William, Plano, Texas, USA, April 2013

« (…) We could not have asked for a more gracious individual in Lydie. (…)  Thanks Lydie!! » Michael, Illinois, USA, November 2012

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